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Cathy Air MakeupCathy is a licensed cosmetologist in the state of New Jersey and the state of Florida. Cathy has three diplomas from the Vidal Sassoon advanced and creative cutting classes. Educated and trained in barbering, speed cutting, hair design, and updo for bridal parties. Cathy is the founder and master makeup artist of Airmakeup.

Airmakeup now offers workshops throughout the nation to private schools and her fellow individual licensed cosmetologists. Cathy educates and teaches beauty pros how to become more successful and create more revenue with their profession.

Students can apply this immediately after a two day session of intense training with Cathy. Cathy will educate, train, teach and show you the simple formulas of success and self empowerment so you can increase your revenue from your previous training of cosmetology. You can imagine that your success will be guaranteed if you will simply take action!

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